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What Can I Show You?







For this journal entry I want to share a few snippets of goodness that I’ve encountered over the past few weeks, that I thought you might like too.

It’s been quite a strange, repetitive time for almost all of us and I’ve been sorely missing physical connection with people. Especially in the context of gigs - I’m now longing for the days I can dance to the same groove as hundreds of others. The news recently seems to have brought this reality closer but I’m hardly daring to hope just yet!!

However, I have been reflecting and recalibrating like so many, and in the process discovering things I would never have had the time (or the patience) to discover otherwise. So, harking back to the Tumblr days (you know what I’m on about) allow me to share some of these things with you.

This image of artist o.k. Norris by Hannah Sommer. We’ve worked with o.k. for years; she’s done all our cover art, made lots of our show posters and in our early shows she’d regularly join us onstage running about in a fencing mask and putting paint on our faces and things. Hannah Sommer is an American photographer based in London. She took our most recent press photos and I love her style so much.

SUPER BUSY this online collection of paintings by Jesse Rivers

Jesse Rivers is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. I really respond to his work and recently purchased two drawings for myself. Needless to say, I am BUZZING about it.

These 90’s colour palettes-

Lee Krasner - To The North (1990)

Helen Frankenthaler - Flirt (1995)

These trees - here’s a pic from my gorgeous-ly spring-y walk today! This was the sun at 5pm. Lockdown 2 for me is in the west country, which is monumentally different to lockdown 1 which I spent in London. I know everyone shares pics from walks so apologies that here is another...

Loma - Don’t Shy Away ( probably my most listened to album this year so far. There is SO MUCH to love about it. The unexpected twists and turns in the arrangements, the ambitious, gorgeous, intelligent production, the melancholy warmth of Emily Cross’ voice, the satisfying meandering melodies. I really love it a lot.

This article on the American artist-philosopher Adrian Piper - I didn’t know anything about her before I read this article and I found it inspiring - in particular how many people she has influenced... ‘anyone working with self-documentation or drag’... and how radical and uncompromising she is in both work and life. this video for the Holland Andrews song GLOSS. I also like their description of it that was published in Wire Magazine -

“Filmed on smartphone and with digital sparkles created in an app … “the ‘Gloss’ music video aims to cultivate joy that is simply felt for the sake of feeling joyful and nothing else. What does one gain from integrating magic and play into our sense of awareness for our own excitement? Freedom.”

This podcast on Talking Heads - this came on when I was in the car the other day and I was so gripped by it I sat outside my house for ages so I could listen right to the end.

This lil shop! - just everything about this i <3 - have a look!

To round things off with a bang, here is a pic from our latest band Zoom.

Stay well, Immie


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