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'The London three-piece go big on delightful harmonies and deft guitar work but also have a clear knack for samples ... these guys are songwriting purists' - The Independent

'Taking in the track for the first time is like witnessing the slow-motion blossoming of a rose — it’s a delicate, wonderfully inspiring experience that also happens to be incredibly natural and instinctual. Surreal is really the only word that comes to mind for such an impressive introduction.' - Consequence of Sound

'This rare trio of extremely talented multi-instrumentalists consists of twins Imogen and Ellie Mason and William J Stokes, and since 2015 they've been building up an impressive back catalogue as well as developing a powerful live show'  - Line Of Best Fit 

'There isn’t a dull moment on this album, whizzing through what feels like an endless stream of influences, instruments and innovations [...] euphoric, uplifting and downright impressive.' - The Skinny

'Hard to classify and even harder not to love' - Uncut

'Ambition and self-assured daring' - Mojo

'London trio Wovoka Gentle have been selling out the capital’s venues as fast as they’ve been putting out hits [...] harmonies as lush as a summer camp crew sat around the campfire' - Wonderland

'The songs aren't just pretty now, they're majestic.' - The 405

'A soaring psychedelic odyssey.' - Stereogum

'An immersive, hypnotic gem [...] a marvellous composition' - Clash

'Kaleidoscopic psychedelia for narcoleptic nightclubs' - Rumore (IT)

'Start Clanging Cymbals is a daring record, focused in the now [...] I am taken aback for the umpteenth time. What they are doing here goes against all odds.' - Written In Music (NL)

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